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φA.1 – Che fare? La necessità di divenire consapevoli di essere parte del problema

Innegabilmente il Mondo va sempre peggio nelle varie Nazioni che adottano il sistema Democratico di tipo europeo: in esse, tra le altre cose, si registra un sempre maggior abbassamento della qualità della vita (problemi di sicurezza sociale, inefficienza dei servizi, povertà, ecc …) e di peggioramento della salute (l’età media […]

∙Considerations on the need to innovate the strategies of the Dissidents (towards the recovery of “by the people” strategies)

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As Einstein warned, if after years of trying, substantial results are not obtained, it is necessary to take a step back before continuing to proceed: reselling the foundations of one’s strategies. The problem is that today – on honest analysis – it appears objectively evident that the opposition Movements and […]

I.b.1 – Why it is necessary to change the policy of the Conservatives (the failure of their current policy)

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The New Politics outlined in the “Reboot of Democracy” series of articles is based on the observation that today the Politics developed within Democracy is dead. That is that Socialism, after years of activity aimed at establishing a “Single Thought” (and a “One-Party”) has finally succeeded in realizing its intent: […]

I.a.3 – How is it possible to restore Democracy (the need to abandon the current “opposition” to Social-Democracy policy)

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Summarizing what has been said in the previous articles, if you really want to bring Democracy back to its original dimension in which citizens are able to effectively meet their needs, it is necessary: ​​<see my article “Towards a Democracy Reboot“> (1) stop to rely on activities of criticism or […]