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Ukraine must become an “adult country” in order to be able to deal with other nations as equals

Table of Contents The underlying problem: Ukraine which has not yet become an “adult nation”THE NEED FOR UKRAINE TO EARN A STRATEGICALLY STRATEGY POSITION (towards a revamped economic and political structure)How Ukraine must reset its relationship with the West (the need to define brand new alliances).The need for a preliminary […]

The need to define a “sustainable reconstruction” for Ukraine (Call for a correct restoration of peace in ukraine)

Table of Contents How is it possible to define a “correct” reconstruction for Ukraine that improves the world political balance?The key-points to be able to conceive a “sustainable reconstruction” of UkraineTHE NEED TO CREATE NEW ALLIANCES AND NEW COMMON POLICIESAn analysis of the problems of the current AlliancesThe characteristics of […]

Post-cold war: the need to define new methods and strategies to maintain or restore Peace

Table of Contents (1) TOWARDS A NEW FORM OF DETERRENCE (BEYOND THE COLD WAR)The paradox of a deterrent that implies self-destruction (beyond the nuclear deterrent)The fall of the nuclear deterrent taboo: the possibility of defining a deterrent substantially different from the nuclear oneA further consideration on deterrence(2) THE SHIFT IN […]

What is still possible to do

Table of Contents 1.a. An overview of the current situation● in Ukraine: current strategies● military attack, which is actually an operation against the civilian population (failed),● capitulation of the legitimate government, and replacements with the puppet-government (failed)● transition to a “dirty war” and the unsustainability of the war for Putin1.b. […]