Smart Manufacturing, the misunderstanding on the term Industry 4.0

DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION ALSO INVOLVES THE PRODUCTION / DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM. BUT THE CURRENT CONCEPTION OF INDUSTRY 4.0 IS VERY FAR FROM BEING CENTERED. ● In the new dimension of the "Automotive" Market it will be easier to produce Cars for a "washing machine manufacturer" (or consumer electronics) than for an automotive player.

beyond the automotive

The general scope of the Mobility is in deep crisis: it can not find a direction that allows players to create effective solutions (the sector is held afloat by operating at the level of "communication" with money from the Public Administration and the Banking Foundations). Ma la situazione per il settore Automotive è decisamente più critica, poiché se la Mobility ha in qualche modo la possibilità di ripartire (seppure con una profonda rivoluzione per i Player di riferimento), il settore Automotive, di per sé, non ha un futuro, non può più essere “riformato” (anche se in qualche modo , grazie agli aggiustamenti “politici”, può ancora sopravvivere per alcuni anni).

MOBILITY: towards a real Disruptive Innovation

The strategies developed today in the Mobility sector (Market and Public Administration) are highly unsuccessful as regards the problems of traffic congestion, pollution, economic sustainability for the owner, danger to pedestrians, etc. (today the Sector is held afloat operating at the level of "communication" with money from the Public Administration and the Foundations).

Manifesto of Innovation: the basic principles of sustainable (disruptive) innovation’⌐

Today Innovation is a bluff. The great Market Players are no longer able to keep up with the innovation of small StarUp. And in the public sector, despite the unsustainable costs of improving services, the quality of life is always worse. The problem is that we continue to proceed WITH THE SAME PARADIGMA THAT PRODUCED THE PROBLEMS THAT WE WANT TO SOLVE. The fundamental principles of innovation are analyzed.