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Why / How to collaborate

What I intend to do is not simple to explain, but in fact the matter is very simple.

First – the reason I’m developing communication through the INNOVA site (now is only in an initial phase) is:

I decided to stop  consulting and start developing solutions actually disruptive (which in my work as a consultant I couldn’t do).

The point is that:

people always say me to “emigrate” to develop my business activities: “in Italy you cannot find partners to create truly innovative Start ups”.


● because I am no longer kid, I need to speed up the process.

For these reasons I am trying to activate relations through “web channels” (communication, collaborative working, etc.). Phase that soon must be followed by a more traditional collaboration “with physical presence.”

Second – what I intend to do:

DEVELOP a SOLUTION AMNONG THOSE I’VE DESIGNED (whit my “think tank”) in these years:

Initially I am not concerned about the specific arrangements, nor the Division of profits (as we see, not protect that much my ideas – at least in the first show). What matters to me is to find a partner with which to develop solutions.

In this regard I expect we will follow these  steps:

1. You ask me questions whose answers can clarify the qualities of the solutions presented in the site (due to confidentiality are deliberately exposed so rather superficial).

The questions, even the most “cruel”, are welcome because them give me the idea that the other party understands the potential value of the solutions on display.

2. We arrive, step by step, – based on an initial “gentleman agreement” approach – to a more detailed exposure of my solutions.

3. And then to a more specific definition of the operating modes.

In essence: ► I put the Project (from the general idea to the development of specific characteristics), and ► the Partner puts the “practical” actions for product development (up to the market launch).

● alternatively it is for me to make available my qualities (skills & expertise) to provide a contribution to the development of projects already started by others. (it’s an alternative way for me to develop my ideas on a product)

In this case I expect that my interlocutor, interested by the potentialities expressed on the Innova site, puts me to the test (providing me with appropriate documentation of the Project in question) with questions like: “what are the critical aspects of our project?”. And above all: “in what aspects can the Project be improved to achieve results as more effective, more responsive to the needs of the potential user, etc …?”

some considerations about my Projects (and my skills)

It is not easy to explain, in the early stages of exposure, how my projects constitute an effective disruptive innovaion. Or how they are radically different from the “innovative” projects that are seen around (see the documents linked in the menu alongside, in particular “Manifesto of Innovation“).

For this reason on Sites  INNOVA and Luca Bottazzi Consulting, the theoretical part on current market trends (of the new needs of Consumers) is deepened.

In general, the solutions are, among other things: simple and rapid Start up, economic production, easy and economical management by the user, endless durability (you can change the parts), product as service.

The peculiarities of my Solutions are  inherent  both in the quality related to the product, and in the qualities related to thet process of the development of the business (start-up, production and distribution phases).

quality related to the product – Social Impact-centric qualities (Crowd-driven market): at the base are the “Social” trends (today applied in an equivocal way) [see “Social Impact Solutions“]: Community 2.0, Sharing (Caring) Economy, Crowdsourcing, Glocal, Bottom up, “Peer to Peer”, etc … Or, in more specific cases, Trends such as Proximity commerce, Care economics, Open Government, Public Administration 2.0, Blockchain.

quality linked to the start-up, production and distribution: phases in which disruptive innovation is adopted (as a new Industry 4.0 dimension in Makers mode, Value Webs – and innovative formulas such as Franchising-Transplant Factories that fully exploit the important potentials such as: mini robots produced in Makers mode, 3D printability even from shared files, remote control of tools, and systems that allow suppliers and processes to be integrated flexibly in the Value Chain).

INNOVA / ForeVision identifies some trends not yet taken into consideration by the Market as: ● “Internet of Peers” ® ● “From frivolity to sustainability” © ● “from internet to reality” © (Sustainable consumerism) ● Crowd 2 Crowd market ® [see ] Franchise production ®.

[ see “Solutions Luca Bottazzi / INNOVA” ]