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˟The failure of Hybrid innovation (Disruptive + Sustaining Innovation)

In developing a strategy of Disruptive innovation WHEN EVEN JUST A PART OF THE “OLD RULES” IS INTRODUCED, CONDITIONS ARE CREATED FOR THIS STRATEGY TO BE A FAILURE. Even when there is a potentially winning idea at the base of the product, if in the strategies a key element of the declining Market is introduced (Sustaining Innovation), the product cannot develop its potential in the nascent Market.
This because the two forms of innovation that we seek to integrate ARE TOTALLY DIFFERENT (“opposite”)
(the mindset of the two types of people operating within the Company is substantially different). CASE: Hybrid – John Deer

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˟The Company Immune System: why the big Companies cannot develop real innovation

This entry is part 6 of 6 in the series Why the big companies cannot innovate within them

  What are the reasons why the Incumbents are unable to innovate and regain sales success? . One of the reasons is the existence, within…

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