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°Crowd-driven Innovation/Crowdsourcing

Crowd is the basic resource of the new economy. The Principle, in terms of social sciences and the market is: the satisfaction of needs can…

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°A real disruptive innovation radically changes the relationship with the Customer

Develop Disruptive innovationmeans firstinnovate your business model. In other words, it is necessary to transform in a disruptive way ● your mind-set, your own structures….

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Towards a New Marketing (1): beyond the Analytic Marketing, toward a pro-sumer Market

THE CURRENT CONCEPT OF MARKET ANALYSIS (as observation / or Listening to Customers) IS OBSOLETE, Big Data strategies must be replaced by Marketing of Pro-sumers.

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The need for participation in the Public Administration

Market and Government operate in a strictly integrated way. For this reason it is not possible to deal solely with improving the Market. But it is also necessary in some way
to reform the Government system.
As in the Market it is necessary to integrate the Customer in the Product creation process, in Government it is necessary to develop Participatory Policies.

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The new direction of the innovation (in particular for the Automotive)

At a time when Demand is radically changing, the Goals of Business strategies must be radically changed.

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The problems of the current Market strategies: towards a crowd participated Marketing

CURRENT MARKETING IS NOT ABLE TO INTERPRET THE NEW NEEDS OF CUSTOMERS. Thanks to Information Technologies today it is possible to change the role of Consumer by inserting them in the product development process.

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