IoT Speed Limiter ()
(Direct Connected Vehicles) A vehicle speed limitation system based on Open Data

AN EFFECTIVE SOLUTION TO INCREASE SAFETY OF THE PEDESIONS IN MILLIONS OF SMALL COUNTRIES ALONG THE TRAFFICATE ROADS. ● The problem of the dangerousness of the traffic that crosses the inhabited areas (and other critical points such as road construction sites) with a system based on Open Data and - for exceptional cases - a wi-fi interaction with the car is solved. And, for drivers, the problem of speeding fines is solved. The system used allows you to have other solutions, such as communication of problems between vehicles (see Post "Direct Connected Cars")

Open Standard Automotive Chassis

An Open Standard Automotive Chassis that defines the specifications of the anchor points of the frame elements, but leaves for the rest maximum freedom of development. It is a Disruptive Concept that defines a completely new dimension of the Automotive - both in the product and in the production / distribution modes.

Mobility 2.0: White Paper*

The main factors of the failure of the Mobility policies. It's about starting out redefining,, above all, the paradigm of mobility. The following are developed: ● an analysis of the specific problems of mobility solutions ● notes for a new innovation vision ● an analysis of the emergence of new trends.