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Why is Covid no longer dangerous than a normal influence? And why government institutions continue to commit serious errors?

INTRODUZIONE Nota: per consultare le fonti (inserite nelle note al fondo del testo) si consiglia di andare alla pagina del Sito lucabottazzi.com/covid-fonti dove si trovano i link che portano direttamente alla fonti sul Web. . Oggi vi è la certezza documentata dalle analisi di Scienziati e da evidenze di casi oggettivi (ad esempio dei paesi che non hanno adottato nessuna misura di contenimento). (1) Non è […]

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PAESI APERTI PAESI APERTI METTI ID PER ANCORA ASCOLTATE IL VIROLOGO RESPONSABILE COVID IN SVEZIA ▷ “SENZA RESTRIZIONI STIAMO MEGLIO CHE IN ITALIA” The part that says “float: left;” means that the video will be placed to the left. You’ll notice four different numbers in the code above just after the word “margin.” These determine how many pixels of padding you will have around the four […]

Fonti testo “il Covid è una normale influenza”

1 Il Sole 24 Ore – «Asintomatici non contagiosi, l’Oms riaccende il dibattito» – https://www.ilsole24ore.com/art/asintomatici-non-contagiosi-l-oms-riaccende-dibattito-bassetti-ce-ne-sono-tre-categorie-ADVNqiW 2 Vedi sito Holistica: “Fonti: la malattia di Coronavirus è un normale influenza [studi precoci]” > http://www.lucabottazzi.com/2/holistica/?popup=cronavirus-disease-is-a-normal-flu 3 “Il Sole 24 Ore”: “Coronavirus, lo sfogo della direttrice analisi del Sacco: «È una follia, uccide di più l’influenza»” – https://www.ilsole24ore.com/art/coronavirus-sfogo-direttrice-analisi-sacco-e-follia-uccide-piu-l-influenza-ACq3ISLB?refresh_ce=1 4 The Lancet: “Il tasso di mortalità Coronavirus può essere inferiore a […]


fai size del video standard?METTI INDICE, FORSE IN SIDEBAR PAESI APERTI PAESI APERTI METTI ID PER ANCORA ● QUI VIVIAMO SENZA LOCKDOWN E MASCHERINE” ▷ GUARDATE: IN SVEZIA VA TUTTO BENE MA VI DICONO L’OPPOSTO òasldkfj òlasdkfjò asfkdjò asldfk òasfdkasfd òlasdkjf òalskfdj asdfòlkjafs òdlkjafsd òlkafsd òlkasdflòfaskj https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76uvr7dc2Lg ASCOLTATE IL VIROLOGO RESPONSABILE COVID IN SVEZIA ▷ “SENZA RESTRIZIONI STIAMO MEGLIO CHE IN ITALIA” The part that says […]

Why “dissidents” must change the way they communicate

Today we try to explain to the public what is really happening now (Covid, economic crisis, etc …) but it is not possibleto make the most understand the truthswhich in themselves are solid and irrefutable. That is, the problem is not the difficulty of explaining the truthfulness of information that is in itself “objective”, and irrefutable. That is, the problem is not on a rational level, […]

Why it is necessary to change the approach to information

The concepts used today by the dominant thought (“deniers”, “no vax”) are not concepts at all, but are the result of an emotional condition in which people are kept thanks to a brainwashing that begins during the school years, and is then maintained by the media. In this condition, people are not at all able to see reality for what it is: they believe they see […]

What to do now: the need to redefine strategies

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series ► Redefine information modalities

“If repeated attempts to change a system fail, it means that there are errors in the principles [of your action].” Einstein Today, those who want to defend themselves from the abuses of the institutions continue to make the fatal mistake of competing with the institutions on their own ground (on their own weapons). The basic error that is committed is subtle, devious: one moves by reasoning […]

How to define a new approach to dissident information

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series ► Redefine information modalities

The problem, as mentioned in the previous article, the dissident communication currently developed is not only unable to make most people understand what is really happening, but causes resentment on their part which justifies the repression implemented by the institutions. So it is a question of developing new forms of communication that are able to make the most understand how much information that is not in […]

∙An elementary (reassuring) approach of “dissident information”

This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series ► Redefine information modalities

Today things are getting worse and worse: institutions commit “mistakes” that create ever greater social problems. This happens despite the fact that there is irrefutable evidence of the wrongness of these choices. This worsening of the situation indicates, among other things, such as who is trying to develop an Information “dissident” than that of the dominant thought, actually commits fatal errors. That is, today, those who […]

In Sweden and in China there is non Covid problem

In Sweden the problem never existed, they did not lorckdown and now they have fewer positive swabs than other nations because they have achieved herd immunity. In china In wuhan the Covid problem no longer exists!

Today the situation is much improved

In the initial phase, many mistakes were made in the management of Covid-19 which increased the number of deaths <see The sacrifice of the elderly: the power to sentence a person to death> <see “sources: incorrect treatment killed patients”> But today the situation is much better than in the “first wave” because the actual strength of Covid-19 is now known; and we know how to deal […]

The Authorities declared that Covid is just a normal influence

The government institutions that have successfully dealt with Covid-19 since the beginning (early 2020) (South Korea, Taiwan) have found that it is a flu with consequences that, although slightly different, are no more dangerous than ordinary influence of previous years. In fact, as the studies of the 2020 “pandemic” that examined real data show: ■ it caused the same number of deaths as  previous seasonal flu: […]

The seriousness of the situation is not due to a virus, but to political choices

To understand the problem underlying the human and social crisis linked to Covid-19, we must first consider that INSTITUTIONAL CHOICES ARE PRECISELY “POLITICAL”,ie they are not based at all on scientific factors. Paradoxically, the problems consist precisely in the measures taken to counter the alleged danger of Covid-19 (which in itself, as the scientific investigations of the same government and scientific institutions show us, would not […]

The incorrect assessment of an increase in the spread of Covid (real and relative data)

The containment measures of Covid-19 (masks, lockdowns, etc …) are taken on the basis of an alleged increase in “cases” of disease. But in declaring that infections have increased today there is a totally false reasoning (devoid of scientificity, it has no connection with what is the reality of the facts). . Let’s try to clarify how this can happen. . Let’s start with an example: […]


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