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Codiv-19: è esistito per qualche mese all’inizio del 2020 ma: ● ERA SOLO UNA MORMALE INFLUENZA: – le autorità nel campo medico lo hanno dichiarato da subito – il numero dei morti è fortemente errato ● COVID-19 NON È PIÙ IN GRADO DI INFETTARE E FAR AMMALARARE SERIAMENTE: .. LE DICHIARAZIONI . SONO … improprie .. portano a credere … cose … non vere Ciò è […]

Oltre la barriera della “Cultura mediatica”

Oggi le persone tendono a credere a ciò che gli viene detto dalle fonti “autorevoli” (Macchiavelli “se ci sono i truffatori, è perchè ci sono persone che vogliono essere truffate). Ma c’è un’altra dimensione che si sta sviluppando, tipica delle persone che hanno messo “il sedere per terra” (come quelle che non si sono mai preoccupate del loro bere alcoolici in eccesso, ma cominciano a sviluppare […]

The danger of the second wave of Covid-19 and the arrival of a vaccine have no scientific basis

There are two justifications (which we see to be unfounded in an analysis of the facts) for the emergency measures against Covid-19: ● the danger of a second wave: a totally risky hypothesis. ● the need for a vaccine in order to return to the complete reopening of the Society: Scientists and experience on previous attempts tell us that it is very unlikely that a vaccine […]

Hypno-governance: Mass hypnosis

<see also my Article “The emergency that does not exist ” in my Blog “Government Warchdog”> What the experience of the lockdown linked to Coronavirus 2020 teaches us is the condition of mass hypnosis developed by the Government (with the support of the Media). It is a form of hypno-governance (hypno-communication) operated thanks to a continuous flow of hypnotic communication developed through the media. . This […]

What to do now?

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series What to do?

Emerging the fact that the institutions have produced enormous damage to populations (both from a health and a social point of view) the question is nowto investigate what has happenedso that this does not happen again. And in order for these facts not to happen again in the future it is necessary: ​ 1) to become aware of what has happened (how and why); and then […]

Is there really a risk of reopening?

Where would the risk of reopening be? 1) when we talk about the increase in the infected, we don’t talk about the deaths: it is a normal flu (only 1% of people are at risk, and these people can be protected effectively). 2) after the lockdowm has been implemented, it is obvious that with the reopening the number of infected increases, since by preventing contacts between […]

COVID-19: WHAT TO DO NOW (popup)

Little by little, the fact emerges that the institutions – and the mainstream media – have made big mistakes in addressing the Coronavirus epidemic. Mistakes that cost very dearly in terms of public health and safety.  . And, since the damage has already been done, the question now is to investigate what happened so that it doesn’t happen again. (investigate both from the point of view […]

The need to attribute responsibility to the institutions

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series What to do?

«THE PROTAGONISTS OF THE CATASTROPHE OF THE measures TAKEN FOR THE CORONAVIRUS 2020I REFUSE THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES: the experts say “We didn’t make the decisions,” the rulers say “it’s not our fault because we have been ravaged by incapable consultants”» Salvatore Rainò So that the catastrophe created by the measures of the “Coronavirus 2020 emergency” does not happen again, it is necessary to be able to attribute […]

Why the reopening has proven to be safe (and necessary)

This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series What to do?

Now that some of the most important international scientific Institutions [see below] have shown how Coronavirus is just a normal flu and therefore the lockdown should not have been implemented some government institutions apply “resistance” to the removal of the Society lockdown. . It will be interesting to see how the people who apply these policies today in the future will try to defend their reputation […]

The sacrifice of the elderly: Doctors have the power to sentence a person to death

  In practically all countries, governmental institutions have imposed criteria for selecting the people who need to be treated (and therefore those who must be left to die) We must note that care for older people was refused not only for Coronavirus, but was also refused, in general, for visits and surgery (which could have saved such people at the start). As part of the Medicine […]

false – the need to test the population

The need to “map” – as with tests whit swabs – seems to be necessary just because the fake data released by the institutions mistakenly made you think that the spread of this influence is a danger to society. But it has actually been proven that – the spread of the virus is not a problem (where the most vulnerable individuals are protected), but it is […]

false – a vaccine is required to implement a full reopening of the Society

The vaccine for any form of flu is a utopia (in fact it is an ideology: an ideal that cannot be achieved, but which is used to achieve a given goal). The vaccine cannot be created because Coronavirus (the flu virus) changes rapidly, and the vaccine is extremely targeted, and cannot work on the mutated virus. So, as it takes several months to develop a vaccine, […]

false – the problem of the danger of contagion

The specter of the danger of contagion was used both originally, for the current lockdown, and subsequently to delay the opening of the company. But in reality there is no “danger” of the infection, as: – there is only the possibility of taking a normal flu (which for the vast majority of people is asymptomatic, and which can actually be dangerous for 1% of people, vulnerable […]

false – Coronavirus mortality is very high

In reality the numbers (the death rate) tell us that it was a normal influence (this is confirmed by data published later) . The fact is that the numbers of deaths due to normal flu (identical to those of the Coronavirus) are not usually published, and therefore those who see them for the first time are horrified: that is in previous years no one thought of […]

What to do now? The need to investigate what it happened to make sure it doesn’t happen again

The facts that emerge from the experience of Coronavirus 2020: ■ the Scientific Commissions (those that are based on truly scientific demonstration processes) have clarified how it was an epidemic of a normal flu (no more dangerous than those of previous years). ■ government institutions have taken measures such as the Society lockdown for no valid reason: the “Coronavirus danger” was already a fake news from […]