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The GCW website is based on the idea that today there is a lack of effective awareness of how there is a continuous deterioration in the quality of life of Western nations induced, among other things, by incorrect choices at the level of global policies.

As regards conflicts on a world level, the problem is substantially that international political choices prefer the illusory condition of peace that derives from the choice not to be directly interested in conflicts that do not directly concern them. Choices that allow the global political situation to degenerate to its current point (with the possibility of a World War III being unleashed).

It is therefore believed that today it is necessary not only to solve the current problem of the war in Ukraine (so that Putin cannot continue to “annex” other sovereign states), but also to ensure that the current problems do not recur in the future.

The GCW Site offers content that can help develop greater awareness of what is actually happening: ● historical analyzes (history repeats itself, and knowing the past is crucial to solve the problems of the present), ● news that allow you to follow developments specific situations, ● collections of articles by external authors that help to understand the essence of the problems ● an “encyclopedic” archive that contains the necessary references to historical cases and elements of scientific culture (to which too often he refers without relying on the support of substantial information) ● original reflections of GCW on the evolution of various situations of global conflicts.

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