GCW Approach

The Russia-Ukraine war is an event which – beyond the current dramatic situation – reveals a much more serious problem than the specific conflict itself.


the Russia-Ukraine conflict must be an opportunity to become aware of a trend in geo-politics that has been developing for a long time, and that if not done correctly it can cause much worse damage than what we are seeing in Ukraine.


To correct this trend it is first necessary to understand

because the world leaders (but also the populations) have not been able to see that for years the international political situation has been evolving in the direction of the war between Russia and Ukraine (or perhaps they did not want to see). And

because the world has contented itself with living in an illusory state of peace due to not interfering in the escalation of the “annexations” of Putin’s Russia (for 20 years the same massacres of the population have been perpetuated) without taking into consideration the future consequences of their choice.

It must also be considered that similar situations – a conflict between strongly authoritarian states and Western Democracies – occur in other parts of the world, in which an escalation such as the one we have in Ukraine today must be prevented.


The West must therefore understand that the Russia-Ukraine War is the opportunity to remedy the mistakes of the past, and to work to ensure that similar events no longer happen.

(It is necessary to take into account that the risk of a nuclear war can only worsen if in Ukraine the design of Putin – his domestic and foreign political career – is not definitively put to an end).


What is needed upstream of everything to achieve a condition of real (stable) peace is, essentially,

correcting the inability to see situations that is developing at a deeper level of the surface

(but also the inability to see things when they happen).

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