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∙I.c.1 – Towards a Democracy Reboot (synopsis)

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Since a point of no return has been reached, in which the Institutions of Democracy have been so “revolutionized” by the Left to the point that they can no longer be reformed, it is necessary to use a path of recovery of Democracy that does not go through the current […]

Why is Democracy vanishing?

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reliable againIn the previous article it was highlighted that what is currently in decline is Social Democracy, which is no longer reformable. And how it is necessary to take advantage of the tightening of Left policies to develop an effective path of restoration of real Democracy. <see> The crisis in […]

Reform of specific sectors of Democracy

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Here is a brief summary of the sectors analyzed: ■ Institutional government □ the problem: the loss of democracy prevents the government from producing effective solutions that are really useful to citizens (and allows the political class to pursue other interests). > the solution is the recovery of a local […]