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Issue: the 2020 US elections

It is no longer a question of trying to win the elections, since the Democrats have gone too far, they have thus transformed the institutions, so today ● Elections are totally manipulated, and it is almost impossible to beat the Left  even if the Americans were largely on Trump’s side. […]

issue: the School reform

Today the problem of school is not understood in its importance ● the School is the foundation of Culture, and the revolution implemented by the Left is taking place precisely because there has been a cancellation of Culture in the education phase of future adults (it is the “cultural revolution” […]

Reform of specific sectors of Democracy

This entry is part 6 of 6 in the series Democracy reset - Intro

Here is a brief summary of the sectors analyzed: ■ Institutional government □ the problem: the loss of democracy prevents the government from producing effective solutions that are really useful to citizens (and allows the political class to pursue other interests). > the solution is the recovery of a local […]

How to set up Democracy reset

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Table of Contents The mistake of trying to contrast the specific political actions of the leftSome examples of actions to contrast leftist policies that are uselessSo what to doThe preconditions for an action to restore DemocracyA. understand what and why things are happeningB. begin to plan a path to reset […]

Why is Democracy vanishing?

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In the previous article it was highlighted that what is currently in decline is Social Democracy, which is no longer reformable. And how it is necessary to take advantage of the tightening of Left policies to develop an effective path of restoration of real Democracy. <see> The crisis in the […]

Towards a Democracy reset (synopsis)

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Since a point of no return has been reached, in which the Institutions of Democracy have been so “revolutionized” by the Left to the point that they can no longer be reformed, it is necessary to use a path of recovery of Democracy that does not go through the current […]