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°Crowd-driven Innovation/Crowdsourcing

Crowd is the basic resource of the new economy. The Principle, in terms of social sciences and the market is: the satisfaction of needs can…

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The wrong interpretation of the Customer Experience

With Customer Experience today we use obsolete principles. It is necessary to change the paradigm of Marketing, which from a “subtle” persuasion system to the purchase of a product, MUST GO BACK TO BEING A PROCESS THAT STARTS FROM THE ANALYSIS OF THE REAL NEEDS OF PEOPLE.

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The need for participation in the Public Administration

Market and Government operate in a strictly integrated way. For this reason it is not possible to deal solely with improving the Market. But it is also necessary in some way
to reform the Government system.
As in the Market it is necessary to integrate the Customer in the Product creation process, in Government it is necessary to develop Participatory Policies.

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