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*Introduction to Smart Manufacturing (Smart Fabrication)

In order to develop winning business it is necessary to understand the substance of the Innovation in progress (it is therefore necessary to understand why…

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The need for a new generation of automation (Human Oriented Automation)

In a phase of radical (disruptive) changes, it no longer makes sense to improve current methods, tools and structures, BUT WE NEED TO CREATE NEW ONES. We need
We need a a “human oriented” automation that allows to develop products with a high value for the human being.

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‘A new approach for Smart City’≈

A reflection on the innovation of the Cities (Smart Cities), which leads to conclusions that are radically different from those that currently drive public and private projects in this area.
Some specific highly innovative projects

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Towards a radically new model of Industry 4.0: introduction to a Smart Fabrication plan

The Fab Labs are part of the Market that is now at sunset (a failed Model). But from some qualities of Fab Labs new Business Models can be born (and new ways of Production/Distribution).

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“the new way of working”≈§

There will be a new Culture of Work in which the work will again become subordinate to everyday life. The work return to being creative (artisan): EACH WORKER WILL BE ABLE TO BRING THEIR OWN PERSONAL QUALITIES AS ADDED VALUE TO THE PRODUCT. And it will be developed IN A COLLABORATIVE DIMENSION.

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The need of an Ecosystem of Innovation

  In the current Disruption Market phase, in which the Society is going through a period of radical change in every sector of social life…

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The new dimension of work

The introduction of new tools (based, on ICT, IoT, …), and the development of new ways of social interaction and new modes of work and consumption, is inducing a virtuous circle of evolution in the Society.

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The misunderstanding on Industry 4.0: towards Manufacturing 4.0

The “revolution” (dirsruption) that is transforming the world of production is a phenomenon radically different from the one today defined as Industry 4.0.
The change concerns not only the product, but everything connected to it. Today it is necessary: a rethinking ● the why of a product ● the ideation/design process ● the production/distribution process. We move on to a new era of the new Economy: the Context economy.

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