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There is no “Culture of Disruptive innovation”, but an Aptitude for innovation

There is no culture of innovation, but AN APTITUDE FOR INNOVATION THAT DOES NOT RESIDE IN A RATIONAL LEVEL, OF “KNOWLEDGE” (OF NOTIONS). It is a typical quality of man: the capacity for intuition. WE NEED TO FOSTER THIS QUALITY

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°In times of radical innovation there are no models

  Most of the considerations on the near future of Business are wrong because they are based on a “linear” conception of the evolution of…

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*Towards a radically new model of Industry 4.0: introduction to a Smart Fabrication plan (FabLab 2.0)

The Fab Labs are part of the Market that is now at sunset (a failed Model). But from some qualities of Fab Labs new Business Models can be born (and new ways of Production/Distribution).

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The lack of a real Innovation

Today there is no real innovation (attractive and sustainable for Customer), both by the part of the Big Player of the Market and by the part of the Public Administration. ► the Public Administration continues to be oriented towards costly (insustanable) solutions ► the Big Players of the Market continue to develop a pseudo-innovation █ THE LACK OF A VALUE-ORIENTED INNOVATION (effectively useful and sustainable): it is necessary

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°The misunderstanding on Innovation by Manager, Consultants and Pundits

Today Managers and Consultants & the “intellectuals” are focused on the past: it is not bad faith, but it is a lack of ability to recognize the new.

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