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Guidelines [3]: Table for Assessing Disruptive Innovation

This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series GUIDELINES for an analsysis of Business innovation

Disruptive Innovation require new Disruptive Criteria. A Table of Keypoints aimed at a diagnostic assessments of Business innovation capacity.

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The new Value proposition: the problem of ethical (ideological) values

The new phase of the market will be based on a Value-oriented innovation characterized by new Business models (from a new Value proposition). That is,…

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Business problems: the difference between original and current marketing

The contraction in sales derives from the basic set-up of company strategies, and not from contingent critical factors.. It is necessary to understand the difference between the original conception of Marketing and the current conception of it. ● Marketing originally operates before the product definition ● current marketing has an opposite action: it presents itself to the potential Customer having already with a product, and tries to find for it a reason to purchase the product

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*Towards a radically new model of Industry 4.0: introduction to a Smart Fabrication plan (FabLab 2.0)

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The Fab Labs are part of the Market that is now at sunset (a failed Model). But from some qualities of Fab Labs new Business Models can be born (and new ways of Production/Distribution).

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