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“the new way of working”≈§

There will be a new Culture of Work in which the work will again become subordinate to everyday life. The work return to being creative (artisan): EACH WORKER WILL BE ABLE TO BRING THEIR OWN PERSONAL QUALITIES AS ADDED VALUE TO THE PRODUCT. And it will be developed IN A COLLABORATIVE DIMENSION.

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The new dimension of work

The introduction of new tools (based, on ICT, IoT, …), and the development of new ways of social interaction and new modes of work and consumption, is inducing a virtuous circle of evolution in the Society.

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∙The need to update the Peters Principle (the issue of the incompentence)

The Peter principle must be updated as the Market has changed profoundly since the text was written: TODAY COMPETENCE IS ALREADY EXCLUDED IN THE RECRUITMENT PHASE.

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