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Business problems: the difference between original and current marketing

The contraction in sales derives from the basic set-up of company strategies, and not from contingent critical factors.. It is necessary to understand the difference between the original conception of Marketing and the current conception of it. ● Marketing originally operates before the product definition ● current marketing has an opposite action: it presents itself to the potential Customer having already with a product, and tries to find for it a reason to purchase the product

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The Entrepreneur’s DNA

There are no new qualities of entrepreneurs. The problem is the lack of traditional entrepreneurs.

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The lack of a real Innovation

Today there is no real innovation (attractive and sustainable for Customer), both by the part of the Big Player of the Market and by the part of the Public Administration. ► the Public Administration continues to be oriented towards costly (insustanable) solutions ► the Big Players of the Market continue to develop a pseudo-innovation █ THE LACK OF A VALUE-ORIENTED INNOVATION (effectively useful and sustainable): it is necessary

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