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∙The misunderstanding on ecology (we need disruptive innovation in Ecology)

[Summary] Ecology is today one of the sectors in which disruption is most evident. ► IN THE CURRENT HIGHLY DISRUPTIVE CONTEXT IT IS NECESSARY TO…

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The question of responsibility (and the proper functioning of the Society)

Issues related to human-made communities (Family, sports team, Society, Market, etc.) are related to the awareness in which each individual of that community acts. ….

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‘The issue of subsidiarity’≈

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The need for participation in the Public Administration

Market and Government operate in a strictly integrated way. For this reason it is not possible to deal solely with improving the Market. But it is also necessary in some way
to reform the Government system.
As in the Market it is necessary to integrate the Customer in the Product creation process, in Government it is necessary to develop Participatory Policies.

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