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‘Manifesto of Innovation (1): the basic principles of sustainable innovation’≈

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Today there is no critical reflection on the failures of the Market, and therefore it continues unabated to proceed WITH THE SAME MINDSET (PARADIGM) WHICH HAS PRODUCED THE PROBLEMS THAT WE WANT TO SOLVE. A reflection on the basic principles of sustainable innovation.

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How can companies change themselves?

What cannot be done for the big companies The current Market crisis derives substantially from an inability by most players to understand the meaning of…

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Disruptive innovation: religion, scam or necessity for those who want to stay in the market?

Today the market continues to apply a non-disruptive mindset even when the data indicate this modality inexorably fails.
To innovate means to change. When there are major changes in the Society, it is necessary to adapt. There is no choice.
We are sure that we understand what radical (disruptive) innovation is?

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‘Manifesto of Innovation (2): Innovation in the new post-industrial Market’≈

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Manifesto of Innovation

A third phase of the development of the modern (post-industrial) Company / Market is in progress. THE SOCIETY MANAGEMENT AND DEVELOPMENT PROCESS IS NOW MANAGED “BOTTOM UP”. A new Economy based on Subsidiarity is developed, and A POST-INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION MODE THAT EXCEEDS THE “MASS PRODUCTION”.

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Sustainable Innovation°

Today, sustainable innovation is wrongly understood from the point of view of correctess (an ideological level in which the focus is placed on issues apparently…

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The new direction of the innovation (in particular for the Automotive)

At a time when Demand is radically changing, the Goals of Business strategies must be radically changed.

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