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A phase of radical changes (Key of Changes #1)

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We live in an era of profound and rapid changes, in a breaking point° in the evolution of the Market: a Disruption Age° in which…

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The need of an Ecosystem of Innovation

  In the current Disruption Market phase, in which the Society is going through a period of radical change in every sector of social life…

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The great Firms are not able to develop disruptive innovation within them

This entry is part 1 of 6 in the series Why the big companies cannot innovate within them

the consolidated companies of the market literally can’t develop disruptive innovation within them. they are the object of disruption, and therefore can not be the subject. the problem: ● lack of “intuition” ● lack of culture of (real) innovation. a real (disruptive) innovation can only come with a fresh start, from new comers.

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°The misunderstanding on Industry 4.0: towards Manufacturing 4.0

This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Beyond industry 4.0

The “revolution” (dirsruption) that is transforming the world of production is a phenomenon radically different from the one today defined as Industry 4.0.
The change concerns not only the product, but everything connected to it. Today it is necessary: a rethinking ● the why of a product ● the ideation/design process ● the production/distribution process. We move on to a new era of the new Economy: the Context economy.

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The role of technologies in innovation (the key is not technology)

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The key to the development of technological solutions IS NOT THE TECHNOLOGY!
The quantum leap of the Market of the disruptive innovation is re-defining a role of technologies.

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