°The misunderstanding on ecology: electrification of devices that are not ecological in themselves

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  • We live in a time of profound social, market and government changes, which are the cause of a profound crisis (social chaos, economic crisis, etc.). An economic crisis of the Market and Public Administration that has lasted for years, for which nobody is able to indicate a way out. <see…
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  • The situation today is paradoxical: things go wrong but AS FAR AS THE BIG PLAYER DOES SOMETHING TO IMPROVE THE SITUATION THINGS DO NOT IMPROVE (if them do not go worse) Why does no one seem to be able to solve the problem? It is necessary to clarify the current…
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  • INTRODUCTION: THE NEED TO CLARIFY THE MEANING OF THE FUNDAMENTALS OF THE MARKET (OF THE BUSINESS)     Today, most of the big Companies' strategies are bankrupt. This also applies to companies that initially dominated the new disruptive innovation Market (as it is today for Apple's iPhone and Airbnb).    The problem is…
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