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Towards a New Marketing (1): beyond the Analytic Marketing, toward a pro-sumer Market

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THE CURRENT CONCEPT OF MARKET ANALYSIS (as observation / or Listening to Customers) IS OBSOLETE, Big Data strategies must be replaced by Marketing of Pro-sumers.

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The problems of the Society and the Market (introduction to the INNOVA approach)≈

The incorrect interpretation of the new trends is the underlying problem of the current market. In this way serious misunderstandings and failed strategies are created. It is a question not only of radically changing our strategies, but also of ADOPTING A NEW VISION. The need to recover the law of Supply and Demand.

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*Towards a radically new model of Industry 4.0: introduction to a Smart Fabrication plan

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Beyond industry 4.0

The Fab Labs are part of the Market that is now at sunset (a failed Model). But from some qualities of Fab Labs new Business Models can be born (and new ways of Production/Distribution).

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New mode of Innovation (Key of Changes #3)

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In an era of profound changes, the concept of innovation itself must change. Today a substantial innovation is needed, which is able to develop a really-useful value for the Customer.

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New modality of Consumerism (Key of Changes #2)

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To understand the new Demand it is first of all necessary to understand which are the main trends that affect the market in the near future: ● a RADICAL CHANGE IN THE FORMS OF CONSUMPTION (customer needs and expectations). ● a “REVOLUTION” OF THE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT (and production / distribution) methods.

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A phase of radical changes (Key of Changes #1)

This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Key of Changes

We live in an era of profound and rapid changes, in a breaking point° in the evolution of the Market: a Disruption Age° in which…

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‘From frivolity to sustainability’≈

This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series New Sustainable Qualities


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The hidden demand (the virtuous circle of innovation)°

The characteristics of Demand are changing in the new market: there are evolving needs, and an evolution of consumption (Customers are constantly discovering new aspects of their specific needs).

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The need of an Ecosystem of Innovation

  In the current Disruption Market phase, in which the Society is going through a period of radical change in every sector of social life…

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The new direction of the innovation (in particular for the Automotive)

At a time when Demand is radically changing, the Goals of Business strategies must be radically changed.

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The problems of the current Market strategies: toward a crowd participated Marketing

CURRENT MARKETING IS NOT ABLE TO INTERPRET THE NEW NEEDS OF CUSTOMERS. Thanks to Information Technologies today it is possible to change the role of Consumer by inserting them in the product development process.

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Disruptive and sustainable: the same thing

This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series New Sustainable Qualities

As far as innovation is concerned, there is a misunderstanding regarding the terms disruptive and sustainable. The fact is that the two terms are placed…

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