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The role of technologies in innovation (the key is not technology)

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The key to the development of technological solutions IS NOT THE TECHNOLOGY!
The quantum leap of the Market of the disruptive innovation is re-defining a role of technologies.

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Not disruptive technologies, but disruptive concept (enabling technologies)

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Tech in Disruption

Today the market is in crisis due to a wrong interpretation of the change taking place. This happens because the New is interpreted with an…

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Are the Autonomous Vehicles really disruptive?

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Can Autonomous Vehicles be successful products in the current Disruption Market? Short Aswer: AUTONOMOUS VEHICLE DOES NOT REPRESENT DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION <see  Why developing technologies are…

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Decalogue of Rules
of Disruptive innovation

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In the first place it is necessary to clarify the meaning of the term innovation [ see ‘Manifesto of Innovation (1): the basic principles of sustainable…

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Disruptive innovation is not based on technologies

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in times of crisis like the current one, Consumers have to fall back on PRODUCTS THAT CAN SATISFY REAL NEEDS. Innovation today
consists in “inventing” NEW FORMS OF USE VALUE OF THE PRODUCT.

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