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The Entrepreneur’s DNA

There are no new qualities of entrepreneurs. The problem is the lack of traditional entrepreneurs.

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Why Hi-Tec and disruptive innovation are incompatible (the “human factor”)

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Tech in Disruption

We often see serious misunderstandings about disruptive innovation, which are the misunderstandings behind the failure of many big companies. . Because of these misunderstandings most…

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There is no “Culture of innovation”, but an Aptitude for innovation

There is no culture of innovation, but AN APTITUDE FOR INNOVATION THAT DOES NOT RESIDE IN A RATIONAL LEVEL, OF “KNOWLEDGE” (OF NOTIONS). It is a typical quality of man: the capacity for intuition. WE NEED TO FOSTER THIS QUALITY

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The need for a new generation of automation (Human Oriented Automation)

In a phase of radical (disruptive) changes, it no longer makes sense to improve current methods, tools and structures, BUT WE NEED TO CREATE NEW ONES. We need
We need a a “human oriented” automation that allows to develop products with a high value for the human being.

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The problems of the Society and the Market (introduction to the INNOVA approach)≈

The incorrect interpretation of the new trends is the underlying problem of the current market. In this way serious misunderstandings and failed strategies are created. It is a question not only of radically changing our strategies, but also of ADOPTING A NEW VISION. The need to recover the law of Supply and Demand.

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Towards a radically new model of Industry 4.0: introduction to a Smart Fabrication plan

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Beyond industry 4.0

The Fab Labs are part of the Market that is now at sunset (a failed Model). But from some qualities of Fab Labs new Business Models can be born (and new ways of Production/Distribution).

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Causes of the crisis in our System (poverty and ineffectiveness of the institutions)°

 The basic problem of the current recession is that we do not try to understand what are the causes of it, so we continue to…

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